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Rami Raz Engineering

About the owner

Rami Raz, the owner and general manager of the  company, born in 1959, an electrical engineer, has been
supervising and managing projects since 1984. During these years he
has gained extensive knowledge and experience in
managing and supervising the establishment of projects in many and
diverse fields in the chemical
and petrochemical, paper, food and pharmaceutical industries as well
as knowledge. And unique experience in setting up
explosion- proof systems , power stations, high voltage and high
,voltage power stations, cathodic protection
instrumentation and control systems, distributed and centralized
,controlled processors and programmed controllers
CCTV CCTV, low voltage systems, computer communications, LSS
systems , detection systems And fire extinguishers, frequency sets,.soft starter and so on UPS kits


About the company

Rami Raz Engineering (2005) has extensive experience in managing
and overseeing the construction of projects in many diverse fields
:such as
chemical and petrochemical, power plants, hatchery and switching
,stations, paper industry, food
pharmaceuticals, environmental, wastewater treatment plants,
energy efficiency, illustration, purification And
air conditioning, micro-electronics factories, public buildings,
laboratories and more… The
company was established with the aim of enabling the customer to
enjoy the knowledge and experience gained in the company in
construction and maintenance. Familiarity with these three
aspects enables you to create the
best solutions for the customer, taking into account budget
needs, schedule and quality of performance on the
one hand and reliability, efficient and convenient maintenance
.on the other

Since its inception, the company has strived to embrace its
comprehensive and comprehensive service in the field of
electricity for all its components. The goal that stands before the
eyes of the company and heads it is good
Its customers and the satisfaction and absolute and promptness of
all their requirements to enable the activity to move
.forward without any delay

The company also specializes in designing and implementing electric
heating systems for industry, piping
and container routing , heat exchangers and immersed heaters,
barrel heaters, designing and manufacturing heating
.elements for safe and explosion-proof areas

The company and its engineers have unique knowledge and
:experience in establishing
Explosion-proof systems *
Power plants *
High voltage and high voltage power stations *
Instrumentation and control *
systems * Distributed and centralized controlled processors and
programmed controllers
Low voltage systems *
Computer communication *
LSS systems *
Fire detection and extinguishing systems *
Frequency *
sets * Soft starter and UPS systems

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