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Blast protected electrical equipment

ציוד מוגן פיצוץ

Supply and design of explosion-proof electrical equipment for areas with explosive atmospheres is Rami .Rez Engineering's area of expertise


Recently, we have witnessed more and more cases of fires in industrial plants due to combustion and explosion of combustible materials. With the security threat hovering over our heads and human error occurring, a cure for Mecca should be preceded and efforts are made to prevent the realization of the .threat in any way


Of course, it is first necessary to understand what an explosive atmosphere is, to define the risk of

.explosion and thus to prevent the formation of an

atmosphere that could lead to it

חשמל מוגן פיצוץ


Explosion-proof electrical solutions


Explosion-proof electricity should respond when certain conditions are created, a combination of climatic


.conditions, temperature, chemicals, and atmospheric pressure creating an explosive atmosphere When there is a high percentage of oxygen mixture and combustible materials together a source of energy release that can create a spark (be it mechanical, electrical or otherwise) there is a real risk of .explosion


Furthermore, any place where the production, storage and transport of combustible materials is carried


.out is a place defined as dangerous


:Common industries requiring explosion-proof electrical solutions are


  • Industries working with explosives
    Industries working with gas, fuels and oils
  • Blend institutes

  • Flour Stations

  • All factories dealing with woodworking

  • Manufacturers of sugar packaging and other organic materials

  • Pharmaceutical factories

  • Chemical installations

  • Printing houses and paint

  • Manufacture of colors, solvents

  • Refineries

Defense in a explosive atmosphere

When you want to provide protection in an explosive atmosphere, there are a number of goals that you want to achieve. It starts by preventing the possibility of contact between the internal parts of the equipment and the equipment that may cause sparking, preventing the ignition from coming out or .blasting the cover with the inside of the equipment and a variety of methods and developments


The protection we provide to our customers is to provide explosion-proof electrical


Our areas of activity allow us to find electrical solutions to any problem or bad hit that

.may occur


How to choose suitable and high-quality explosion-proof electrical equipment


Choosing Explosion-Proof Electrical Equipment is a computational process that involves several .stages, each of which is of great significance


In the first step, the areas must be mapped and defined where the equipment will be located. At this .1 stage, an electrical engineer with knowledge and experience in the field, people who believe in the safety


.of the plant, the process personnel and other directly related factors should participate







In the second stage, the explosion hazard classification must be defined within the defined areas, .2 :explosion hazard zones are divided into three levels






ZONE 0 – In this area there is a continuous combustible gas and air mixture for most of the day or .night. This area is at high risk


ZONE 1 – This area may be a mixture of combustible gases and air during continuous and standard work .of the facility or plant, this area is at a benign risk level


ZONE 2 – In this area there may be a mixture of flammable gases and air only under special conditions .(such as a fault in production, leakage, etc.) This area is at low risk






In the third stage, after defining the areas and marking them on a designated area map, the various .3 materials that take part in the process must be detailed and examined (according to what standard, flash


point, explosive range, vapor pressure of the material and self-ignition temperature). Define the types :of gases that may be present in the combustible gas mixture



IIA – Acetone, Benzene, Methane, Propane, Butane, Ethane and the like



.IIB – Ethylene, cooking gas, natural gas and the like .



.IIC – Acetylene, hydrogen and the like .




:In step four, we set the maximum temperature allowed for exposure to the gas mixture .4



T-Class   temperature class

Maximum temperature allowed º C

T1- 450 ºC

ºC 440

T2- 300 ºC

ºC 290

T3 – 200


ºC 195

T4 – 135


ºC 130

T5 – 100


ºC 95

T6- 85


ºC 80

In reality, the ignition temperature of most gas mixtures will be in the range of T-1, T-2, but * maintaining as low a temperature as possible will result in safer systems and will ensure that there is no .spontaneous ignition of the gas mixture due to high temperatures


Once we have all the data that will be used to determine the danger areas and the level of risk you can .5 access to choose the level of protection and protection of the explosion equipment, the form of explosion :protection can be divided into four main groups


EExe increased safety ( Increased safety ) – Equipment level of protection that will be used primarily for the Protection .1


.of equipment that does not generate sparks in normal operation complexion electronic equipment, connection boxes etc


EExd shielded flame ( flameproof ) – Equipment level of protection that will be used primarily for the Protection of .2


.equipment that produces sparks during normal operation such as Contactors, thermostats, Mamti"m others EExi Energy Limited ( intrinsic safety ) This protection method is based on a voltage limitation and a maximum current .3 that can pass to the hazardous area, thus limiting the energy that may develop to the level below the energy required to ignite the bomb gas


.mixture. This method can be used to protect sparks and non-sparks during normal operation EExp positive pressure ( pressurized apparatus ) method of protection is based on maintaining positive pressure .4


using clean air or gas is not flammable in the "packaging" of equipment (electrical panel, box, room, etc.) so that gas mixture bomber could not reach the equipment and therefore will not be a danger of igniting Such a mixture of gases from the protected equipment. This method can be

.used to protect both sparks and non-sparks during normal operation


Explosion-Proof Equipment



:The explosion-proof products we provide include


Explosion-proof electrical panels

When choosing explosion-proof electrical panels it is very important to pay attention to the method of protection. For example, is it the EXD method, what its advantages over the competition, what the disadvantages and what the costs are. Electrical panels should be selected according to the appropriate classification, suitability for the area, the materials present in them, both the bombs and the corrosive ones. Also, dust, moisture (splash), direct sunlight must be considered in order to provide effective,


.maximum protection and absorb internal explosions with environmental risk mitigation It is very important to place electrical panels. A location that will meet operational comfort and, on the


.other hand, for safety and protection of the board from hazards Choosing a blast protected circuit board, its type and location are some of the services provided by our

.highly experienced engineers


לוחות חשמל מוגני פיצוץ


Explosion-proof cable inputs

This may sound like a marginal issue, but when providing a solution, be in the small details and take maximum care. Cable inlets can also be fertile ground for sparking or burning .


כניסות כבלים מוגני פיצוץ


Connection boxes

.Made of fiberglass or stainless steel, of different sizes and customized and unique to the client's needs






קופסאות חיבורים - רמי רז

קופסאות חיבורים מוגנות פיצוץ

קופסאות חיבורים

Capillary thermostats

.Capillary thermostats for ranges between 0 and 300 degrees Celsius

תרמוסטטים קפילרים



Buttons, switches and check lamps

                                                                                            .All the necessary electrical functions are resistant to UV radiation





Explosion-proof lighting

.Explosion-proof lighting fixtures, GRP-made fluorescent fixtures, flood lighting and emergency lighting

תאורה מוגנת פיצוץ



Explosion-proof heating cables

.Self-regulating and fixed heating cables up to 700 ° C


.The heating cables can be cut accurately along the ground and resistant to chemicals

כבלי חימום


Temperature controllers

Heat Tracing dedicated temperature controllers and include all the necessary functions (high and low temperature alarms, high and low current, overcurrent protection, leakage current, graded operation of


.the heating circuits and even calculation of the actual heating costs SSR switching or Mechanical Contactor Detachable capacity up to 100A @ 600Vac

.temp range from minus 50 to 500 degrees Celsius



In addition to explosion-proof equipment, Rami Raz Engineering provides professional advice on explosion-proof areas, selecting suitable and high-quality equipment for explosive areas, checking compliance with the Israeli standard and international standards, close supervision and oversight of projects in electrical, instrumentation and control areas in bombing and operating tests, inspection and

 .operation For production


Feel free to contact us for professional advice, life-saving advice and any questions you may .have



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