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Industrial heaters

Rami Raz Engineering specializes in providing applied and innovative technological solutions to the field of industrial heating elements.

We place great emphasis on providing a professional response to customer requirements, in accordance with the highest legal standards and standards.

Our company is one of the leading industrial heaters and quality control products We represent the world's leading companies in the production of heaters, heaters, controllers, heat, exchangers and temperature sensors.

All products are manufactured in Europe, the United States and Canada and meet all the strictest standards. The equipment is designed for installation in industrial, corrosive, dust, sun, and work environments in explosion-proof areas.


Industrial heaters

Rami Raz Engineering is prepared to provide comprehensive solutions in the field of industrial heating elements. Starting with setting requirements with the commissioner, selecting the most efficient and appropriate equipment and means to get the most efficient and cost-effective results, detailed planning of all surrounding systems such as power and control systems, system installation and implementation, .operating, running, and ongoing maintenance.

Design, manufacture and supply of a range of heaters with power from 0.5 KW to 5500KW at low and medium voltage for safe and explosion protected areas.

Design and implementation of heating elements according to the project and special (requirements (Tailor Made.

Skids for heating natural gas, LPG, thermal oil, water, chemicals, etc.

A variety of equipment and accessories for measuring, controlling, reporting and operating

heating elements. 

Heaters / refrigerators barrels – single barrels, multiple barrels and heating rooms.

Air heaters.

Design and supply of panels. Electricity and control.

The products we provide


Flexible Heating Elements – Flexible Heating Films – Flexible Resistors

There are different types of flexible heaters. Fixed, variable-power self-regulating heaters designed for installation in normal or bomb areas, chemical-resistant, and corrosive atmosphere Flexible heating films allow uniform heating throughout the pipeline to a temperature of 700 degrees .Celsius. Also, flexible heaters allow precise control and reporting


Silicone heaters

Silicone heaters include silicone coated fiberglass fabric. This structure allows maximum flexibility for .places of uneven geometric shape where uniform heating is needed


The advantages of silicon heaters are in the uniformity of heating, the variety of dimensions that can be ordered, easy dismantling and installation and fluid resistance. It can also be ordered together with an .integral thermocouple


Submersible heaters

Submersible heaters are designed to heat liquids, fuels and oils in different capacities from individual kilowatts to hundreds of kilowatts per heating element. The heaters are made of different structural material to suit the materials and the environment in which .(they work, including work within food (acids and bases Heating elements in Rami Raz Engineering are manufactured according to each project and project (tailor made)


Of course, it is possible to purchase immersed heaters for explosive ATEX areas (similar to our other




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Electric heat exchangers


.Supplied in a container that includes inlets and outlets for the heated material .The containers are made of copper-plated metal or stainless steel .Heat exchangers are manufactured at different suppliers and workloads .All bodies are manufactured according to the specific process requirements

(Perfect heating systems (skid heaters

Manufacture of heating systems supplied as a perfect unit in a variety of suppliers, work voltages, shapes and structural materials according to customer requirements (tailor made), the systems are supplied as a unit that includes the heating elements, electrical and control panels, pumps, and all the peripheral accessories required.

.The systems are used to heat natural gas, LPG, water, oils, steam, process solutions, etc

מערכת חימום מושלמת - skid heater

Air and gas heaters

Specially designed for heating air and gas and raising the temp. Intended for installation in air ducts, designed for work in an industrial environment and characterized by high resistance to chemicals and

.adapted to work in ATEX explosion protected areas .The heaters are designed with emphasis on large contact area with air / gas for maximum efficiency .All heaters are manufactured according to the process requirements and customer needs

:Special heaters

Insulated flat heaters Mika to temperature up to 260 degrees Celsius with power density of up to 4W / cm2



Temperature control system

Production and supply of electrical and control panels for the range of heating elements, including:

.switching and control, alerts and reporting

The control and temperature systems are built according to the Israeli standard and relevant international standards


.The systems are designed by us for performance optimization and high human engineering


Heating elements are us

All the products mentioned promise and maintain a high and uncompromising quality, top notch performance, economical and simple maintenance and bottom line, the goal for which we assembled


.raise, energy efficiency, simple maintenance and shorten production downtime Remy Raz Engineering provides a comprehensive range of solutions. Heaters suitable for customer needs,


.electrical panels and controls for them and power lines for heating elements The company also provides project management services, electrical supervision, top supervision, close


.supervision, operation and delivery of the production systems Contact a professional

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